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Brazil’s monthly per capita income hits a new low in nearly 8 years in 2020

Brazil's monthly per capita income hits a new low in nearly 8 years in 2020

Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro delivers a joint press conference with Brazilian President Michel Temer (out of frame) after a meeting in Brasilia on November 7, 2018. (Photo by EVARISTO SA / AFP) (Photo credit should read EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images)

November 19 2021, the national income survey released by the Brazilian National Geographical Bureau showed that the average monthly income of residents in 2020 was R$2213 (about RMB 2548), compared with R$2292 (about RMB 2643) in 2019, year-on-year. It decreased by 3.4%, the lowest since 2013.

Affected by the coronavirus pandemic, about 810 million Brazilian residents lost their official jobs in 2020, which greatly affected their income. Due to the economic downturn, pensions and pensions as well as rent income are 5.1% lower than the previous year.

However, due to the government’s continuous emergency relief payments to low-income groups during the epidemic, the “other income” item of residents in the statistics also increased by 12.3% year-on-year. However, this still cannot stop the decline in Brazil’s overall income level.

According to statistics, the proportion of Brazilian households receiving social welfare benefits such as emergency assistance increased from 0.7% in 2019 to 23.7% in 2020, with the largest increase in northern and northeastern Brazil.

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