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Brazilian research institute: China’s Sinopharm vaccine can effectively resist two Variant coronaviruses

Brazilian research institute: China's Sinopharm vaccine can effectively resist two Variant coronaviruses

February 18 According to Reuters, a Brazilian research institution said that the coronavirus vaccine developed by Beijing Sinopharm Biological Products Co., Ltd. of China is effective against two Variant coronaviruses.

On the 17th local time, Dimas Covas, director of the Butan Institute in São Paulo, Brazil, pointed out that after testing, it was found that the Chinese Coxing coronavirus vaccine was effective against Variant coronavirus from the United Kingdom and South Africa.

According to the report, the Butantan Institute is also testing whether the “Kerrefour” vaccine developed by Cochen Biotechnology is effective against the Variant novel coronavirus in Manaus, Brazil.

In response, Covas said, “We will get results soon, and we are very sure that it will succeed.”

The Butantan Institute began a large-scale vaccination campaign on the 17th, which targeted the entire adult population and tested whether it had reduced the infection rate.

Kovas predicts that the Kerrleaf vaccine will have an advantage over other vaccines due to the use of inactivation technology.

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