Brazilian Pandemic may become more severe by end of year.

Brazilian Pandemic may become more severe by end of year.

November 17 According to a report by South American Overseas Chinese News on the 16th, taking into account factors such as holidays and climate, there are forecasts that pandemic prevention and control in Brazil will be more severe by the end of 2020. 

To this end, many experts suggested that if Brazil takes action in the next few weeks and formulates corresponding policies, it is still expected to curb the further spread of the pandemic.

According to the report, although Brazil has quite a few institutions in the health field, epidemiologists and public administrators still find it difficult to compare data between different cities and regions, or implement correct actions for each stage of pandemic.

 Therefore, experts recommend improving data access channels and data quality.

Isaac Schraster said, “When we analyze a large country like Brazil, a chart may be too general. What happens in all states does not represent any specific state. It is necessary to analyze location by location. To understand what is going on.”

Silvio Ferreira, a professor at the Federal University of Visosa and an expert in epidemiological modelling, pointed out that “if we don’t conduct tests, we won’t find cases.”

He pointed out that the only way to understand the actual situation of the pandemic is to establish a virus. Detection system, including detection of asymptomatic patients.

In addition, the experts also recommended isolation and tracking of close contacts, and called on all relevant departments to strengthen coordination and communication on pandemic prevention and control issues. 

When issuing restrictions, experts pointed out that attention should be paid to how to convey relevant information to the public.

At the same time, experts also suggest that before making decisions, public health managers must be forward-looking and be able to take action in advance based on the dynamics of the pandemic.