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Brazil plans to purchase 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine developed by Russia and India

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A medical worker holds a bottle of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine in Ankara, Turkey, on January 26. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Mustafa Kaya)

According to Lianhe Zaobao on February 4, the Brazilian government announced on Wednesday (February 3) that it would negotiate with Russia and India to purchase 30 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, including Russia’s “Sputnik-V” and the “Covaxin” vaccine developed in India.

Brazil’s health regulator said that the final phase 3 trial will no longer be required locally, simplifying the process of emergency approval for the use of the coronavirus vaccine.

At present, Brazil only approves the use of AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and the CoronaVac vaccine of Sinovac, a Chinese pharmaceutical company.

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