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Brazil buys 54 million more doses of SinoVac

More than 48,000 people in Tunisia have been vaccinated For Covid-19

February 18 According to a report by La American News Agency Brasilia on February 16, the Brazilian Ministry of Health said on the 16th local time that the Brazilian Ministry of Health signed a contract to purchase 54 million doses of coronavirus vaccine produced by SinoVac.

According to the report, with the 46 million doses of coronavirus vaccine purchased by the Brazilian Butantan Institute from Coxing Company, Brazil has purchased a total of 100 million doses of vaccine from the company.

These vaccines will be delivered in full by September this year.

The report also said that 46 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine will be delivered by April 30.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health said that Brazil will receive an additional 42.5 million doses of vaccine provided by the COVID-19 vaccine implementation plan by December this year.

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