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Boeing 747 skidded off the runway when landing at Moscow Airport. Passengers were safe.

Canada issued the 737MAX airworthiness directive, becoming the third country to approve the resumption of flights.

Boeing 737Max aircraft

December 25 According to a report by Russian Satellite Network on the 25th, a representative of the Russian Moscow Emergency Service Department said that the Boeing 747 passenger plane from Yakut skidded off the runway when landing at Moscow Vnukovo Airport.

Preliminary information said that the passenger plane was not damaged and there was no news of injuries.

“The Nerulungri–Moscow flight skidded off the runway 30 meters when landing at Vnukovo Airport,” the representative said.

The plane carried 109 passengers and 7 crew members.

According to preliminary information, the plane was not damaged and the passengers left the plane normally.

At present, there is no news of injuries.

Staff at Vnukovo Airport also said that the airport was not closed and there were no delays in flights.

Emergency relief departments have returned to their respective posts.

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