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Blocking the protest caused a traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's Constitutional Court ruled that the residence of Prime Minister Prayut's residence in the army was not unconstitutional.

Bangkok, November 25 Thai demonstrators held a protest rally in Bangkok on the 25th. Local police transferred a large number of containers to set up roadblocks to block and prevent traffic jams in many sections of Bangkok city.

The protest group was originally scheduled to hold a rally in front of the Royal Assets Authority of Thailand in the afternoon, but later in front of the headquarters of the Bank of Foreign Exchange in Bangkok.

The police blocked the road near the above-mentioned sites with barbed wire, railings, containers, etc. in advance, and deployed 6,000 policemen and three water cannon vehicles to prevent it.

Due to the blockade of many major traffic routes, Bangkok was seriously traffic jams that day, and the topic of “traffic jams” even appeared on the local social media “hot search”.

Bangkok police held a press conference that afternoon and said that the road was closed to prevent demonstrations and protests. Police apologized to the public for the traffic jams in Bangkok.

The protest rally held in front of the headquarters of the Bank of Foreign Exchange in Bangkok that day lasted until the evening, with about thousands of people participating, and the process was generally peaceful.

Demonstrations and protests have continued in Bangkok since July this year. Protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, the amendment of the Constitution, the reform of the monarchy, etc.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut issued a statement last week saying that he would use all legal provisions to take action against illegal protesters.

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