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Blizzard hits Greece hard. Mayor of Athens: Lessons should be learned and necessary reforms should be carried out.

Blizzard hits Greece hard. Mayor of Athens: Lessons should be learned and necessary reforms should be carried out.

On February 16th, local time, Athens, Greece, ushered in rare heavy snow, and the ancient Acropolis was covered with snow. The picture shows Athens with a snowy view.

February 19 – According to the Greek China-Greece Times, recently, the cold front “Medea” has hit Greece hard, and a large number of homes and enterprises have been cut off water and electricity.

On the 17th local time, Costas Bakoyannis, mayor of Athens, summarized the disaster situation, saying that lessons must be learned from the disaster, and said that “it is time to carry out some necessary reforms”.

Bakoyannis reportedly said, “A large number of snow sweepers need to be dispatched during the heavy snow, but Athens does not have enough infrastructure to deal with this extreme phenomenon, so we asked Boeotia and the city of Lamia for help, who provided us with some machines”, adding that “all the citizens of Athens are in Work hard in the street.

Bakoyannis also said, “We have created a multi-purpose center for homeless people, which can accommodate 400 people and has heating facilities throughout Athens.

At the same time, we also have a scientific team of social workers and nurses, who patrol the city around the clock.”

When talking about the problems citizens may face, he said that anyone facing difficulties can call the municipal government, and if there is a need, the municipal staff can also come to help.

Bakoyannis specifically pointed out, “In times like this, everyone should help each other together.”

On the other hand, when talking about the problems in many parts of Greece, Bakoyannis said, “There are no major problems in the power grid system of Athens. It can be said that we have dealt with the problems of snow and it brings to the city.

Many people said that we should clarify our responsibilities. In fact, this matter began to be discussed as early as 2010, but unfortunately, we have not taken practical action.

Therefore, whenever we are in a critical moment, an irresponsible image will be created. Now is the time to carry out some necessary reforms, which I think everyone likes to agree on.

Bakoyannis stressed, “We have cooperated well with the Ministry of Civil Protection, Attica Region, the Greek police, Greek fire and all relevant agencies. Obviously, as a political system and an autonomous government, we all must learn from this matter and learn from it.”( Zhu Tianhao)

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