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Biden’s team’s European affairs adviser: It makes no sense to provoke China.

Biden's team's European affairs adviser: It makes no sense to provoke China.

Anthony Gardner. ( Photo Source: Getty Images)

December 8th, “China should be respected. It makes no sense to anger China.” Anthony Gardner, a former U.S. ambassador to the European Union and European affairs adviser to the Biden team, recently gave an interview to the BBC’s HARDtalk program.

In an analysis of the difference between the internal and foreign policy of the next U.S. government and the current government, in particular Talk about China-US relations.

According to the interview video released by the BBC on the 8th, when the host asked whether the next U.S. government can accept the long-term confrontation with China strategically, Gardner said that “confrontation” should not be used to describe Sino-US relations.

China should be respected.

He also said that it is meaningless to anger China on human rights and other issues. China should be respected like other countries, and the United States should not bully China.

“There is no point that the United States should cooperate with other countries and bully other countries, including China, which also applies to Russia.” Gardner also stressed the need for Sino-US cooperation. He believed that China and the United States must cooperate on climate issues and other aspects.

In the interview, Gardner also analyzed the foreign policy of the United States towards Britain, the European Union and the Middle East countries. Speaking of the next administration’s internal policy, Gardner said that in the past four years, the Trump administration has essentially destroyed democracy.

There are many problems in the United States waiting for the new government to solve, and the new government will focus most of its efforts on repairing the huge rift in the United States.

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