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Biden’s administration considers distributing masks directly to American families

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Biden wears a mask when attending the event (AP)

February 4 According to U.S. media reports, in order to encourage the American people to wear masks to prevent pandemic, the Biden administration is considering plans to distribute masks directly to American families.

According to NBC on the 4th, the news came from three sources who knew the situation.

A White House official revealed that the White House pandemic response team is assessing the logistical needs for direct mail masks, but the final decision has not yet been reached.

It is said that senior White House health officials have raised the plan many times in recent meetings.

It is not clear when the public will receive these masks, how many families can receive, and the material of the masks.

White House spokesman Pusaki said: “In order to protect the American people from infection and encourage people to wear masks, there are many options under discussion, but no decision has been made.”

U.S. media pointed out that the Trump administration had considered a similar mask distribution plan in 2020, but eventually chose to distribute masks to non-profit organizations and state agencies, and failed to publicly call on people to wear masks to prevent pandemic.

On the other hand, Biden called on people to wear masks within the first 100 days of his tenure, and signed several executive orders requiring masks to be worn when using public transportation in federal government agencies.

Fauci, chief infectious disease expert in the United States, also said that the Biden administration is considering the possibility of allowing people to wear two masks.

Although the plan needs to wait for scientific analysis to support, the key is to enable people to wear at least one mask.

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