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Biden will repeal Trump’s restrictions on immigration and work visas.

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Biden signed an executive order at the White House

According to CBS, Esther Olavarria, deputy director of the White House’s domestic policy committee and the president’s top immigration adviser, said that U.S. President Biden plans to repeal some of the strict restrictions on legal immigration and work visas.

These restrictions were issued by former President Trump on the grounds of protecting American workers when the U.S. economy declined due to the epidemic.

Olavaria revealed that Biden plans to sign an executive order announcing the repeal of the “suspension of certain immigration and work visas”.

The order would repeal the restrictions previously issued by Trump, which would repeal the restriction order “prohibit the admission of immigrants and non-immigrants who are considered to be economically burdened on our health care system or as a risk to the U.S. labor market”.

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