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Biden: The United States will not take the lead in lifting sanctions against Iran.

Iran again calls on the Biden administration to lift all sanctions and says it will withdraw retaliation measures.

Iran said that the two sides had not contacted each other. ( Associated Press)

According to the Lianhe Zaobao, U.S. President Biden said that Iran would not lift economic sanctions on Iran unless it reduced its uranium enrichment activities to the level agreed in the 2015 comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue.

Biden reportedly asked if the U.S. would lift sanctions first to get Iran back into negotiations in an interview with CBS, Biden responded, “No.” The CBS host asked him that Iran must first stop enriching uranium at a level above the level allowed by the agreement, and he nodded in agreement.

According to Iran’s official television station, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei said on Sunday that for Iran to resume its commitment to the 2015 nuclear agreement, Washington must first lift sanctions against Iran.

Khamenei stressed that this was Tehran’s “final and irreversible” position.

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