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Biden “reorganize” American media organizations and quickly appoint the heads of three institutions

Biden administration to take diplomatic action to protect the rights and interests of overseas LGBTIQ groups

Biden (Picture: Getty)

January 25 Following the dismissal of the head and deputy director of the Voice of America, Biden cleaned up the media organizations funded by the U.S. government and quickly appointed three heads.

According to the Hill and the Associated Press, on the 24th local time, the acting CEO of the U.S. International Media Agency appointed three heads of media organizations, all funded by the U.S. government.

After Biden took office, he quickly “reorganized” the U.S. media agency, and Michael Pack, the CEO of the U.S. International Media Agency, whom Trump had appointed, resigned hours after Biden took office.

Subsequently, Biden appointed Zhao Kelu as the acting CEO of the U.S. International Media Agency. U.S. media pointed out that the Biden administration was taking action quickly after taking office, replacing some people who were close to the previous government.

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