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Biden plans to lift many sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Cuba

Biden plans to lift many sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Cuba

Bloomberg reported on the 15th that President-elect Biden and his team plan to bring the diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba closer to normalization and lift many of the previous sanctions imposed on Cuba by the Trump administration.

According to the report, people familiar with the matter revealed that the Biden team plans to reduce restrictions on Cuba’s travel, investment and remittances, which harm the interests of Americans and Cuban natives to varying degrees. However, the measures imposed by the United States in response to the allegations of the alleged human rights situation in Cuba will still be retained.

However, the article also mentioned that the Biden team is currently facing a more “chaotic” situation: the coronavirus epidemic has caused Cuba’s economy to face a severe crisis.

The report also said that given the busy domestic agenda, it is not clear when Biden will implement his Cuban policy.

In 2019, the U.S. government introduced a number of restrictions on Cuba, including prohibiting people from organizing groups for humanities education, no longer allowing people to travel to Cuba by cruises or private planes, and tightening restrictions on Cuban-American remittances to Cuba.

The U.S. government’s political repression, economic and financial embargo and trade embargo against Cuba have been increasing, and have not been relaxed in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. Cuba resolutely resists the extreme pressure exerted by the United States.

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