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Biden criticizes Trump team for obstructing the transition process and “hollowing out” the national security agency

Biden sent the first tweet after taking office: the real job begins.

Photo: President-elect Biden of the United States.

December 29th – Comprehensive report: On the 28th local time, U.S. President-elect Biden accused the outgoing Trump team of “irresponsible” and delayed the transition handover, and warned that it would expose the United States to security risks.

On the 28th local time, after a meeting with his foreign policy team, Biden said that some federal agencies cooperated with his team, but “we have encountered many obstacles set by the political leadership of the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Budget.”

He added, “At present, we have not received all the information we need in the key areas of national security from the outgoing government. In my opinion, this is irresponsible.

“The truth is that many institutions that are vital to our security have suffered tremendous damage. Many institutions have been hollowed out – including personnel, capabilities and morale.

Some policy processes have either been significantly shrunk or abandoned.” Biden stressed that his team needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the budget plans of the Department of Defense and other agencies to avoid confusion in handovers.

US President Trump.

In addition, Biden said on the same day that after experiencing the Trump administration, the national security of the United States was endangered by the actions taken by the government, and rebuilding foreign policy and national security was a key challenge after he took office.

After Biden defeated Trump in the November 3 general election, the Democratic team was not able to meet with government officials until the end of November to coordinate the handover. Biden will be sworn in on January 20, 2021 local time.

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