Biden COVID-19 consultant: The United States may face the worst epidemic in history in January

President-elect Biden of the United States (AFP)

December 28th, local time, Dr. Celine Gounder, the coronavirus adviser to President-elect Biden, said that the United States will face an unprecedented severe epidemic in January due to people’s wanton travel during traditional American festivals.

Dr. Gund said that there is no doubt that the epidemic will worsen after the traditional holiday holiday and the New Year, because many Americans choose to travel during the festival. She said that the situation in the hospital is like a nightmare.

Many hospitals have full of patients in their corridors and parking lots, and temporary places have to be set up outdoors. Nevertheless, the shortage of doctors and nurses cannot be solved in a short time.

Dr. Brad Spellberg, chief medical officer of the Southern California Medical Center, told CBS that his hospital has been overcrowded in intensive care units for the past three weeks, and the hospital has been trying to find enough care every day.

Taxis come to take care of all patients.