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Biden appeared with an environmental protection team to reaffirm that the United States will return to the Paris Agreement

Biden aide: Biden will be sworn in on January 20

President-elect Biden of the United States (AFP)

December 20th According to AFP, on the 19th local time, Biden appeared with key members of his environmental protection team, reaffirming that his government will return to the Paris Climate Agreement to cope with global warming and rebuild the post-epidemic American economy, which may create 250,000 jobs.

At a Delaware event, Biden reportedly introduced his environmental team members and said that “they will lead the next administration to address climate change”, and also pointed out that “the United States can only deal with climate problems and the current coronavirus epidemic if we are united”.

On the next administration’s plan, Biden said he hopes to resist extreme weather conditions and create more jobs through the modernization of water, energy, transportation infrastructure.

He hopes to build 500,000 electric steam charging stations and 1.5 million energy-saving residential and public housing units. In addition, millions of abandoned oil and gas wells that are harmful to health and have safety risks will be filled, he said will create 250,000 jobs.

Biden also reiterated that the United States will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and restore environmental regulations under the Obama administration. It is reported that this is not the first time Biden has said he will return to the Paris Climate Agreement.

On the 13th, he announced on his social media that the United States would rejoin the agreement in 39 days.

Biden nominated Deb Harlan of the New Mexico House of Representatives as Secretary of the Interior that day, according to reports. If the nomination is confirmed by the Senate, Harlan will become the first Native American to hold a cabinet position.

Previously, Biden had nominated former Secretary of State John Kerry as the President’s Special Envoy on Climate Issues, former Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, as the National Climate Adviser, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as the Secretary of Energy, and Michael Reagan, the head of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, as the environment.

Brenda Mallory, director of the protection bureau and environmental lawyer, served as the director of the Environmental Quality Committee. Among them, Reagan and Mallory are African-American, and Biden’s cabinet will have six African-Americans.

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