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Bicycle bomb attack in southern Afghanistan injuring 14 people

A car bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 25 people

â–³The scene of the fire (Image source: Afghan local media)

February 19 Jamal Barakzai, spokesman of the Kandahar Provincial Police Department in southern Afghanistan, told the media on the 19th that a bicycle bomb attack occurred in Kandahar, the provincial capital city, on the evening of the 18th, injuring 14 people.

Barakzai said that the militants parked bicycles containing bombs next to a liquefied gas filling station in District 7 of Kandahar City, injuring 14 civilians, including children, three of whom were seriously injured.

Kandahar Province was an important Taliban stronghold.

In recent months, with the continuous operation of Afghan security forces in Kandahar Province, the security situation in Kandahar Province has improved, but attacks still occur.

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