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Bezos will resign as CEO Amazon’s senior management changes

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Amazon announced on the 2nd that Bezos, the founder of the company, will step down as CEO in the third quarter of this year and become the executive chairman of the board of directors.

Bezos’ replacement will be Jessie, the current head of Amazon’s cloud computing department.

According to Reuters, in a letter to employees on Tuesday, Bezos said that Amazon’s CEO was very responsible and occupied most of his energy. He now plans to focus more on new products and fund projects.

After leaving the CEO, Bezos will remain Amazon’s largest shareholder, owning 10.6% of the company.

The British Guardian commented that Bezos’s announcement of his resignation came as Amazon had just released its latest financial report.

The company has flourished during the COVID-19 epidemic, with a full-year net profit of $21.3 billion, up about 84% last year.

Amazon’s share price rose less than 1% in after-hours trading after Bezos announced his resignation.

The New York Times believes that the impact of this personnel change will extend beyond Amazon.

Although the founders no longer serve as CEOs, Amazon’s ambition to enter more economic fields shows no sign of reduction.

According to Reuters, the appointment of the head of cloud computing as the new CEO marks Amazon’s transformation from an online retailer to an Internet group, highlighting the centrality of the future position of the web hosting business in Amazon’s strategy.

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