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Belgium will temporarily ban non-essential entry and exit. The ban will be implemented from January 27.

The European Parliament approved the draft European Climate Act

EU flag in front of the European Commission headquarters building, photographed in Brussels, Belgium, on December 24. Photo by Zhang Wei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

January 22nd local time, Belgian Prime Minister De Cro officially announced after discussions with representatives of the regions and languages that from January 27, all people, including Belgian citizens, are temporarily banned from entering and leaving the Belgian border, except for necessary travel for work, family and medical needs.

The ban will It lasted until March 1.

In fact, this move is mainly for travel during the school holiday from February 15 to February 19, and the Belgian federal government believes that cross-border travel will pose greater risks to the import of mutant COVID-19.

De Cro said that although the current epidemic situation in Belgium is generally better than that in most EU countries, the spread of mutant coronavirus is worrying, so it is necessary to further strengthen prevention and control to avoid the arrival of a third wave of the epidemic.

DeCro also announced that from January 25, people entering the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America will be quarantined for 10 days, and will be tested for viral nucleic acid twice on the first and seventh days of quarantine.

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