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Belarusian Ministry of Defense: NATO’s additional troops on the border are making full preparations for war

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November 20 2021 According to a report by the Russian satellite network on the 20th, Belarusian Defense Minister HeLENIN said that NATO’s increased deployment of troops near the Belarus-Russia border can be regarded as making comprehensive preparations for war.

According to reports, Helenin said in an interview: “All this makes us very alert, and the series of actions taken by NATO also worries us very much. As a soldier, I think this is a comprehensive preparation for war.” He also said that he did not understand the reasons for NATO’s approach.

He stressed, “What is the purpose? Is Belarus a threat? The West has always been talking about the Russian threat theory. None of these are the truths. Russia does not intend to threaten anyone, just like Russia’s coalition country. Russia is our strategic ally. NATO is making excuses for militarization in front of the people.”

He also pointed out that it is difficult to predict the development of the situation in the current situation, and this reminds him of the historical events before World War II.” I’m worried about whether what happened in those years will happen now. Are we in the preparatory stage for a hot event?”

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