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Badminton Singapore Open cancellation Olympic qualification players are basically determined

Badminton Singapore Open cancellation Olympic qualification players are basically determined

Singapore men's singles player Luo Jianyou

Singapore Badminton Association announced on the 12th that it would cancel the Badminton Singapore Open, the Singapore Morning Post reported. The Singapore Badminton Association said: The organizers and the world featherweight championships always make every effort to provide a safe environment for all participants. However, the increasing number of new cases of Coronavirus worldwide poses complex challenges to immigration. Therefore, we have decided to cancel the competition for the health and safety of all athletes, race personnel and the local community. ”

The Singapore Open is scheduled for June 1-6, according to the World Feather Championships. Given the rebound in outbreaks in several countries, Singapore requires people from high-risk countries or regions to be quarantined for 21 days after entry, so for many players, even if the Open is not cancelled, there is not enough time to compete after the quarantine is completed.

The recent outbreak in Asia has worsened, with the last three events of the Tokyo Olympic Badminton Qualifying Tournament (India, Malaysia and Singapore) postponed or cancelled, preventing badminton players from earning ranking points through qualifying. So according to the previous points, the list of athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics has been basically clear.

Singapore’s top men’s and women’s singles players, Luo Jianyou and Yang Jiamin, are currently ranked 36th and 25th respectively in the Olympic qualification table. According to the rules of the game, each country can only send up to two players to fight, so Luo Jianyou and Yang Jiamin ranked 18th and 17th respectively, basically locked up Olympic qualification.

The world featherweight championships will be allocated in the order of the Olympic rankings, with 34 men’s and women’s singles out, with a detailed list to be announced next month.

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