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Badminton men’s doubles world number one Sukamuyo contracted the novel coronavirus and missed the Thai competition.

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Jakarta, January 4th – Local media reported on the 4th that Sukamuyo, an Indonesian badminton player who is currently ranked first in the world in men’s doubles, tested positive for the novel coronavirus and will not be able to participate in the game held in Thailand in January.

From the 12th of this month, BWF will hold two consecutive races of the 2020 World Tour Super 1000 in Thailand and the World Tour Finals.

Sukamuyo tested positive for nucleic acid before going to Thailand, and his partner Gideon withdrew from the game, and their teammates went to Thailand as scheduled.

The day before, Kento Momoda, the number one in the men’s singles world, was diagnosed with COVID-19, and the Japanese team immediately announced the cancellation of its plan to participate in Bangkok.

At the end of last month, the Chinese team announced that it had decided to give up the competition out of concerns about the epidemic situation.

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