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Azerbaijani Army officially entered the Nakakrbajar district

Azerbaijan plans to allocate 1.3 billion US dollars for reconstruction in the Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan President Assistant Hajiyev

According to the information released by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, in the early morning of November 25 local time, the Azerbaijani army has entered the Kelbajar district of the Naka region and began to take full control of the region.

At present, the Azerbaijani army is transporting materials and carrying demining operations. According to a report by the Russian News Agency, the last group of Armenian troops had completely evacuated from the Kelbajar district on the evening of November 24 local time

and the second team dismantled the previously constructed military facilities before the withdrawal. In a joint statement of ceasefire in the Naka region issued by the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani army will begin to receive the Kelbajar district of the Naka region on November 25

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