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Austrian Chancellor calls on the people to support the second “blockade” measure: everyone participates and does their best

Austrian Chancellor Kurz made a national television speech on the 31st. He called on the public to support the second “blockade” measure. Everyone should participate and do their best to let Austria and everyone else share the crisis. 

The Prime Minister believes that in the summer of 2021, a breakthrough can be achieved with the help of vaccines and can return to normal levels. 

He emphasized that at present, the upper grades use distance learning, and the kindergarten, elementary school, and lower grades remain open, but the next step will be serious evaluation and improvement if necessary.

Kurtz said in a previous press conference that with the success of the spring blockade measures, if the second blockade measures work with the participation of the people, he believes that the first step to restore measures can be taken in December to return to normal life.

For example, people can consider resuming skiing under the premise of adopting relevant epidemic prevention measures. In addition, he believes that the implementation of the blockade measures in November is very important.

The sharp decline in the number of new coronary pneumonia cases will depend on this. He expects a reversal in 7 to 14 days at the earliest. If this goal is not achieved, Austria will face difficulties. .

Austria’s second blockade measures. Starting from 0:00 on November 3, curfews will be imposed across the country, hotels will not accept tourists, leisure venues will be closed, and the catering industry will only provide takeaway services.

This measure will be evaluated once a week and is expected to be at the end of November.

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