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Australia’s huge “alien hexagon” is hotly debated, the result is an investigation…

Australia's huge "alien hexagon" is hotly debated, the result is an investigation...

According to a report on the British “Daily Mail” website on December 16, an Australian netizen recently posted a mysterious satellite photo on the social media Instagram-in Western Australia, Australia, a hexagonal photo , Huge, unnaturally formed traces similar to the “magic circle” appeared on the ground. 

Although foreign media exaggeratedly called it an “alien hexagon”, some netizens pointed out that this phenomenon is actually related to the US military.

According to British media reports, the netizen who discovered this satellite image was named Vanessa Hammond.

She is an internet celebrity in the childcare field from Queensland with more than 60,000 fans. It is said that when she was looking for her next vacation destination, she accidentally found this mysterious place on the satellite image. 

She posted the photo on her Instagram account and asked her fans what it was. Although the photos amazed many users and sparked rich associations, some netizens soon pointed out that although this “alien hexagon” is in Australia, it is actually related to the US military.

According to the report, some netizens said that this place is located in Exmouth, Western Australia. The so-called “extraterrestrial hexagon” is actually the 12 towering radio towers of the U.S. Harold Holt Naval Communication Station—— It’s just the aerial view of satellite photos that makes these antennas difficult to identify. 

These huge radio towers form a huge antenna array that can provide communication services for the US and Australian naval submarines deployed in the Western Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean.

According to netizens, the station was built in the late 1960s and is still in use. It has caused some controversy over interference with civil aviation and foreign troops.

The name of the base is actually more worth mentioning than the pretended mystery of the British media “alien hexagon”-it is said that the name Harold Holt is to commemorate an Australian prime minister. , He mysteriously disappeared during a dive.

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