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Australian disabled koalas can move freely after installing prosthetic limbs

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Australia's koala Triumph, born with one foot less, can climb and run freely after installing prosthetic limbs made by a dentist.

February 23rd – According to Reuters, on the 22nd, an Australian wildlife paramedic said that a koala Triumph, who was born with one foot less, could climb and run freely after installing a prosthetic limb made by a dentist.

In 2017, veterinary nurse Marley Christian rescued the young koala in northern NSW, when it was next to her dying mother, with only three feet, and a prominent bone replacing the fourth foot.

“Triumph after mounting the prosthetic limbs,” Christian said, became a brand new koala.” After I put this little boot on it, it jumped and ran and crawled. I cried.

An American company specializing in animal prosthetics tried to make a “foot”, but several attempts failed.

In the end, Christian found the answer closer to his home. Jon Dolman, a nearby dental prosthetist, heard of Triumph’s plight and volunteered to take over the task.

The final prosthetic is pink, with a Velcro strap to help the prosthetics secure onto Triumph’s legs, and a pedal at the bottom to help the koalas grip while walking and climbing.

Durman said that the design of Triumph prosthetic limb is currently being improved. But he also said that the koala “looks comfortable” in her prosthetic limbs.

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