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Australia intervenes in fisheries investment from China, and Pakistani officials are angry.

Australia intervenes in fisheries investment from China, and Pakistani officials are angry.

January 26 – A Governor of Papua New Guinea recently denounced the Australian government for repeatedly interfering in the commercial fishing project of Papua New Zealand Island despite the current situation of local poverty, and stressed that he would never compromise.

According to Australian media reports, in November 2020, the basin government and Fujian Zhonghong Fisheries Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding to invest in the construction of a “integrated multi-functional fisheries industrial park” on Dalu Island.

The project was subsequently blocked by the Australian side, which claimed to pose a threat to regional security and potential overfishing risks.

In January 2021, a delegation organized by the Australian Foreign Office visited Daru, and the two sides met and discussed the project.

After communicating with Australian representatives, Yutu, the signator of the memorandum of understanding on fisheries projects, posted a long article on social media Facebook on January 23 under the title of “We will not waver” that Australia has no alternative to intervene in foreign direct investment as usual, which will reduce the poverty of local people.

Being trapped in the status quo helps improve social services and infrastructure.” Unfortunately, Australia just wants us to be self-sufficient farmers and fishermen and maintain the status quo.

In his post, Youtu stressed that there was no consensus in the negotiations with Australia, but heard that in Canberra, Australian media reported that the two sides held a “productive” meeting in Dalu, but this was not the case.

Yutu said he knew that Australians were playing tricks behind the scenes and wanted the Daru people not to support any foreign direct investment.

Not long ago, the Australian government instructed the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to report in Dalu. Yutu declined the other party’s request for an interview because he knew what the Australian media would do. “They will use what I say to make my people betray me.”

Yutu concluded by emphasizing that for fisheries development projects, all relevant parties, including local villages, will be consulted, but at the same time, “no opportunity will be missed to let people realize their aspirations”.

Tom, Minister of Fisheries of PNG, has said that the fisheries investment project will bring local employment and promote the economic development of the western province and PNG, which is a priority project of PNG.

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