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At present, the United States is still in chaos…

The U.S. House of Representatives officially submitted a bill of impeachment against Trump.

Pompeo and Trump (AP)

Following Twitter, Google App Store issued a statement announcing the removal of Parler, a social platform that gathered a large number of Trump supporters; Apple Store said it would consider taking Parler off the shelves.

Originally, it felt that Twitter just wanted Trump’s account to die for a while. After 12 hours of closure, he really brought him back to life. On the evening of January 7th, local time, he also tweeted a video saying that the sole purpose of seeking “all legal ways to question the election results” was “to ensure the fairness of the election”.

Then he said, hoping that his supporters calm down, “The new government will take office on January 20, and the focus now is to maintain a smooth and orderly transfer of power.”

Trump’s tweet after the brief lifting of the ban

However, on the evening of January 8th local time, Twitter announced that US President Trump’s personal account would be permanently suspended.

Uncle Hai couldn’t help asking Twitter, Trump, this super big V of the United States, was sealed like this? The agreed “freedom of speech” turned out to be like this!

Americans tell us with facts that the “freedom of speech” in the United States is really like this! Following Twitter, Google App Store issued a statement announcing the removal of Parler, a social platform that gathered a large number of Trump supporters; Apple Store said it would consider taking Parler off the shelves.

Earlier, Facebook, another social media, said on the 7th that it would ban Trump’s account until the end of his term on January 20. After that, Facebook will also consider permanently deactivating Trump’s account.

This is the current president of the United States. The “wall” has not completely collapsed yet! Is it pushed like this?

That’s really pushed!

Take a look at the reason why Twitter blocked the Trump account: “After reviewing recent tweets of the Trump account and the relevant background, we have permanently disabled the account for fear of the risk of subsequent incitement to violence.” Twitter even said that fear that the account would continue to incite will lead to a recurrence of the January 6 incident.45

Uncle Hai wants to say that after January 6, after Trump’s Twitter short-term lifting of the ban, there are few words to persuade his supporters to calm down. Ha ha, it seems that Twitter has lingering fears! Without new inflammatory content, Trump’s Twitter account was blocked.

Trumpers, New Yorkers, have used Twitter as a platform to express political views and publish important information since they joined politics. Since taking office in 2017, he has been famous for governing the country on Twitter.

Under its tweets, it is always lively. There are many people who praise it and curse it. Since the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, Twitter has repeatedly marked its account with risk tips and false information because Trump has repeatedly posted false information related to the epidemic through the Twitter platform.

Because of these previous moves on Twitter, Trump’s loyal fans have shifted their positions and chosen another social platform, Parler Communication. The reason is that Parler claims to be unlimited and doesn’t worry about the ban if he says anything.

However, at present, Parler is afraid that it will not be banned.

In Uncle Hai’s view, whether the “Qin Wangjun” invaded the U.S. Congress or the current ban on Trump by major social media accounts in the United States, it only shows that American politics has become out of order, farther and farther and farther away from some American media, especially the so-called liberal democracy in the United States, which is still being flaunted by Secretary of State Pompeo.

In fact, what they call a liberal and democratic America has never been. This American election just further tore up the contradictions and dark aspects of American society to the world.

Yes, Pompeo’s Twitter has not been banned. The reason is simple. He did not deeply involve the domestic contradictions in the United States.

Seeing that Trump’s momentum has gone, Pompeo even discussed in private with U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin how to use the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to remove the president.

Pompeo also faced a memorandum signed by hundreds of U.S. diplomats to call for public condemnation of Trump.

However, even for this sake, Pompeo has been carrying out his “Twitter diplomacy” in recent days.

Like Trump’s “Twitter governance” is not necessarily the rule of the country, Pompeo’s “Twitter diplomacy” is not diplomacy, but a shameless attack. He tweeted a lot of lies to slander China and the Communist Party of China and publish naked threat messages.

At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday (January 8), when someone asked about this issue, Hua Chundi, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said loudly:

During his tenure, Secretary Pompeo’s “lie diplomacy” has caused more damage to the relationship between the United States and other countries, the image and reputation of the United States than any previous government.

It can be said to be at the peak and unmatched. This is the general consensus of the international community, including people from all walks of life in the United States.

Hua Chundi also said that Pompeo suppressed China by any means for his own self-interest, intensified his “doomsday madness”, and deliberately damaged Sino-US relations.

In doing so, he will only make himself on the side of historical mistakes, against the friendly and public opinion of the Chinese and American peoples, and will be judged by history.

In Uncle Hai’s opinion, Hua Chun’s theory is a kind of prophecy.

In the face of the growing epidemic in the United States, the Trump administration is unable to fight against the epidemic.

Facing the sharpening of various contradictions in the United States, the Trump administration is helpless.

Facing the damage to the United States due to its own image and the fact that the diplomatic situation is becoming difficult, the Trump administration has nothing to do, especially Pompeo, what else can he do but boast and lie?

In this case, as an American Internet company, shouldn’t Twitter consider also investigating whether Pompeo’s statement is true? Should we mark these words as untrustworthy? Should I consider ban my account?

Don’t only target Trump on internal issues, but also treat Trump equally!

At present, the United States continues to be in chaos.

Although U.S. federal officials said on January 8 local time, the man who illegally invaded the Capitol on the 6th and sat at the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take photos has been arrested and charged with three federal charges including theft of public property.

Although the first mob has appeared in the Washington, D.C. High Court for trial.

And some of them served the companies and enterprises issued a statement immediately, dismissing employees who participated in violent demonstrations.

For example, Goosehead Insurance said that Paul Davis, the company’s senior legal adviser, was no longer employed by the company. It can be seen that the speed and means of the U.S. police and prosecution are much hotter than that in Hong Kong. But Uncle Hai wants to say that the United States has not recovered so quickly.

Trump is not convinced at present, and may never even accept defeat. He has made it clear that he will “establish our own social platform in the near future” and said that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration on January 20. 

You know, on the one hand, not attending the inauguration ceremony of the new president is a bad for the presidential election and the transfer of power; on the other hand, Trump does get more than 70 million votes, and as long as Trump refuses to accept defeat, there will be such loyal fans in the United States to follow him.

After the shock of Congress, demonstrations broke out in many parts of the United States.

These include Salem, Oregon, Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, and Topeka, Kansas. Parliamentary buildings across the state have been hit. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, the state legislature made an early evacuation because of the gathering of Trump supporters – it’s so scared.

On January 6, in front of the Los Angeles City Hall, there was also a clash between Trump supporters and “Black Lives are Life” demonstrators. Los Angeles police present announced that the rally of Trump supporters was illegal.

No wonder Mohammed Safa, Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations, would like to lament: “If the United States see what the United States is doing now, ‘The United States will definitely invade the United States’ and liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.” Such an America, if you want Pompeo and others to promote American liberal democracy, ask if you are afraid! Hey, forget about the doomsday carnival without moral limits!

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