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At least 81 people have been killed in Indonesia’s strong earthquake, and rescue work continues.

Thousands of people were forced to evacuate in Jakarta, Indonesia, flooded.

On January 17, Indonesian police took K9 sniffing dogs to inspect the hospital building that collapsed after the earthquake in West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

January 18 According to Reuters, Indonesia’s disaster reduction agency said on the 18th that the 6.2-magnitude earthquake in the country’s West Sulawesi Province in the early morning of the 15th has killed at least 81 people.

Search and rescue work continues.

A spokesman for the Indonesian Disaster Reduction Agency said in a statement on the 18th that 81 people were killed and more than 250 seriously injured were confirmed to have been confirmed.

In addition, hundreds of houses, a hospital, a shopping mall and several hotels were also severely damaged, and more than 19,000 people were displaced.

Authorities are also taking steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 among evacuees, including conducting rapid coronavirus testing.

Indonesian meteorological agencies warned that aftershocks could occur on Sulawesi Island in the next few weeks, as well as extreme weather and other floods.

In addition to earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions have occurred in the country.

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