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At least 7 dead in Guinea opposition supporter clashes with police

At least 7 dead in Guinea opposition supporter clashes with police

The Ministry of Security and Civil Protection of Guinea issued a statement on the evening of the 21st, stating that from the 19th to the 21st, opposition supporters and the police occurred in many places in Guinea. At least 7 people were killed and many injured in the conflict.

The statement said that in the capital Conakry, opposition supporters erected roadblocks, burned tires, tables and chairs on the main road in the suburbs, and clashed with the police, resulting in the death of at least four people, including one policeman; in Kissido In Gu and other areas, conflicts between opposition supporters and the police caused at least three deaths, including one policeman. In addition, many people were injured in these conflicts.

The statement called on the public to maintain rational restraint, express their demands through legal channels, and stated that they would take measures to stop violence.

On the 21st, President Conte of Guinea called on the public to stay sensible before the announcement of the results of the presidential election on social media. “National democracy and social peace should not be threatened.”

On the 18th, Guinea held a presidential election. A total of 12 candidates including Conte participated in the election. On the 19th, the opposition candidate, former prime minister and chairman of the Democratic Forces of Guinea, Selou Dalein Diallo, unilaterally announced his victory in the election. Several National Independent Election Commissions subsequently expressed the hope that candidates will not unilaterally declare victory before the election results are announced.

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