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At least 4 Sudanese died in a traffic accident in southern Egypt

Eleven people have been killed when a minibus crashed into a river in Pakistan

February 18 A bus carrying Sudanese citizens was involved in a traffic accident on the Aswan-Abu Simbal road in southern Egypt on the 18th, killing at least 4 Sudanese and injuring 46.

Mohammed, head of the Ambulance Management Center in Aswan, Egypt, told Xinhua News Agency that a truck loaded with building materials hit the bus from behind.

After the accident, more than a dozen ambulances arrived at the scene, and the injured have been transferred to Aswan Public Hospital.

The death toll may increase further due to the serious injury of some of the injured.

Due to poor road conditions and weak awareness of traffic rules by drivers, traffic accidents occur frequently in Egypt.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, the Egyptian government has been upgrading its road network in recent years and building a large number of new roads and bridges.

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