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At a time when China-US relations were delicate, senior Korean officials expressed their views on the THAAD issue, and China hastily signaled.

At a time when China-US relations were delicate, senior Korean officials expressed their views on the THAAD issue, and China hastily signaled.

The United States in Asia, South Korea is under the influence and control of the United States on many issues. After Moon Jae- in came to power, he has been They are all working hard to achieve more independence in South Korea.

For example, South Korea has always wanted to get back the command during the war. However, at a time when Sino-US relations are sensitive, high-ranking South Korean officials have recently expressed their views on the THAAD issue, which has aroused attention from the outside world.

South Korean officials’ attitude towards THAAD

South Korea deployed the THAAD system in 2016. This did not make South Korea more secure, but only enhanced the US military deployment in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, the relationship between South Korea and China was greatly affected. Then South Korea also realized the seriousness of the problem and communicated with China.

In the end, South Korea said that it would not continue to deploy the THAAD system, participate in the US military defense, and would not develop. The three-nation alliance of the United States, Japan and Korea. However, recently, South Korean officials changed their minds, saying that the original statement was only an expression of a position, but not a promise to China.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated China’s attitude

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated China’s attitude recently expressed its position on this issue. Zhao Lijian pointed out that China’s position on the THAAD issue is consistent and clear, that is, it firmly opposes the US deployment of the THAAD system in South Korea and harms China. Strategic security interests disrupt the regional strategic balance.

It is hoped that South Korea can meet China halfway, consider regional peace and stability, and do more things that are conducive to bilateral relations. In fact, the South Korean government should also understand that if South Korea once again favors the United States on the THAAD issue, China-South Korea relations will be severely tested again, and not only China, but neighboring countries such as Russia will also oppose South Korea’s approach.

What would Moon Jae-in think?

In fact, after Moon Jae-in became president, he has always had frictions with the Trump administration. For example, on the issue of military spending, Trump asked South Korea to increase military spending, but Moon Jae-in’s price has always been up to Not up to Trump’s request, but Moon Jae-in is not willing to compromise, but has his own bottom line.

Now that the United States has the possibility of changing its president, Moon Jae-in will certainly not try to test China’s bottom line in order to satisfy the White House. If the owner of the White House changes and Moon Jae-in destroys China-South Korea relations, then South Korea will lose more than the gains. 

However, China also needs to remain vigilant at all times. No matter who the next president of the United States is or whether South Korea will cooperate with the United States, China needs to strengthen its military strength, and its own fist is strong, so that it will not be afraid of threats from other countries.

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