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Assistant exposed Trump’s recent state: enjoy “retirement life” without being besieged by the media

Assistant exposed Trump's recent state: enjoy "retirement life" without being besieged by the media

Trump arrives in Florida on the day of his departure (AP)

February 7 According to the Sunday Times and the Russian Sputnik News Agency, Jason Miller, a senior assistant to former U.S. President Trump, said in an interview on the 6th that Trump is enjoying his “retirement life” at present, he is happier than ever, and feels high that he does not need to be besieged by the media.

Miller also said that he suspected that Trump would not be convicted in the impeachment case of Trump.

Trump’s manor in Florida (Reuters)

On the day of Trump’s departure from office on the 20th, he flew to his Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

“Trump left the White House in a good mood and enjoyed his time with his family,” Miller said.

Previously, Trump was banned accounts by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms because of his remarks inciting congressional riots.

In response, Miller said that Trump was happy to not face the boycott from online social media.

Melania, Trump’s wife, is also satisfied with the current state.

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