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Armenian Parliament refuses to lift martial law and military mobilization

Armenian Prime Minister Pashniyan resigned

Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan (Reuters)

According to Tass News Agency, on the 26th local time, the Armenian Parliament refused to lift the martial law previously imposed, and the state of military mobilization will continue throughout the country.

In the vote of the same day, 36 MPs voted in favor of abolishing martial law, and 56 MPs voted against it. The final resolution was not voted on.

In a statement issued by the ruling coalition with a majority of seats in the parliament, it said that after the signing of the tripartite ceasefire agreement in Naka, parts of Naka were transferred to Azerbaijan, and Armenia and Azerbaijan formed 520 kilometers of new borders, and martial law needs to continue to be imposed to ensure border security.

At the same time, some parliamentarians said that the possibility of Azerbaijan’s resumption of war still exists.

Members of the opposition “Prosperity Armenia Party” accused the government of trying to use martial law to stop rallies and demonstrations demanding Prime Minister Pashinian to step down.

In response to the severe situation of the Naka conflict, Armenia declared martial law and military mobilization throughout the country on September 27.

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