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Armenia: Hundreds of soldiers are still missing after the ceasefire in Naka region

Armenia: Hundreds of Asian soldiers are still missing after the ceasefire in Naka region

Russian Satellite News Agency

November 16 According to news from the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 16th, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan said that due to the previous conflict with Azerbaijan in the Naka region, hundreds of Armenian soldiers are still missing.

According to the report, Pashinyan said at a press conference: “We hope that some of the soldiers are still alive. Yesterday, a wounded soldier was found, but he has been listed as dead before.”

He added, After Azerbaijan has completed the exchange of the remains of the fallen soldiers, the two sides will begin to exchange captured soldiers, and the Asian side will hold a national mourning ceremony for the fallen. In addition, the leaders of the Naka region also stated that the remains of 150 soldiers have been transported from the Shusha region, and there are still hundreds of remains on the battlefield.

On the 10th, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia signed a joint statement, deciding to stop the six-week conflict in the Naka region. According to the statement, the two sides will stay in their current locations and exchange prisoners, while Russian peacekeepers will be stationed in the Naka area. In the past few days, Pashinyan has agreed to withdraw troops from the Naka region and handed over part of the land to Azerbaijan. 

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