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Armenia accuses Azerbaijan side of not withdrawing troops as agreed, asks Russia for ‘military aid’

Armenia accuses Azerbaijan side of not withdrawing troops as agreed, asks Russia for 'military aid'

On May 14, Armenia’s acting prime minister, Persinyan, said he had sought help, including military assistance, from Russian President Vladimir Putin on the situation in the Naqa region.

“Because the Azerbaijani armed forces have left Armenian territory in accordance with the agreement, we today ask President Putin to help Armenia, including by providing military assistance,” Pasinyan said at a special meeting, Tass news agency reported Friday. Pasiniyan said armenia will continue talks with the Azerbaijani side on the 15th.

Late on the 13th, Pasinyan held telephone talks with Putin on the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Putin said during the talks that the parties concerned must strictly abide by the previously signed ceasefire agreement and that Russia is willing to continue to maintain close contact with Armenia and Azerbaijan to ensure security and stability in the Naqa region.

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense said on the 14th that the Azerbaijani armed forces are trying to carry out “certain projects” in a border area of Thenik province of Armenia, with the aim of “adjusting the border”. Following Armenia’s retaliatory measures, the Azerbaijani side ceased its activities and agreed to hold talks to resolve the issue.

Later on the 14th, Pasiniyan convened a meeting of the Security Council, at which he called Azerbaijan’s actions a violation of Armenian territory. Pasiniyan said Azerbaijani troops had crossed the border and reached 3.5 kilometers of Armenian territory.

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