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Armed bandits are rampant in Nigeria, and another 19 people are killed.

Armed bandits are rampant in Nigeria, and another 19 people are killed.

△ Location map of Kaduna State in Nigeria

Security officials of Kaduna State government in northern Nigeria said on February 7 local time that armed bandits launched two attacks in the state on the 6th, killing at least 19 people and injuring many others.

Just a few days ago, at least eight people died in several other bandit attacks in Kaduna.

According to Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner of Security and Home Affairs of Kaduna State, and media reports in Nepal, a group of armed bandits attacked Birnin-Gwari and Kuyell in the state at about 5:30 p.m. local time on the 6th. o) At least 19 people were killed and 15 injured in two local government areas.

The attackers also burned several houses and warehouses containing food, warehouses full of building materials and a church.

On the 4th, three children were killed by bandits on a road in Kaduna State, and their mother and four other children were kidnapped. On the 3rd, two other people were shot dead by bandits in Kaduna state.

On the 1st, three people were killed in bandit attacks in two local government areas in Kaduna. On the same day, in Niger State, adjacent to Kaduna State, more than 100 (also about 300) armed bandits on motorcycles attacked four communities, killing 21 people and abducting about 40 people.

The security and security situation in Nigeria has been serious for a long time. Armed bandit attacks and kidnapping crimes are rampant, and the extremist organization Boko Haram launches terrorist attacks from time to time.

Not long ago, Nepal’s President Buhari has just replaced the head of the army, such as the Chief of Army, Navy, Air and Defense Staff, and the police chief who is rumored to be replaced has been temporarily extended for three months.

Public opinion believes that Buhari’s move is in the hope of improving the security situation in the country by replacing the head of military and police.

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