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Apple officially announced a press conference on November 10, self-developed chip Mac is expected to debut

Associated Press

Associated Press reported on Monday

Apple officially announced that it will hold an online press conference at 10 a.m.

Pacific time on November 10 .

The market is generally expected The first Mac equipped with an Apple chip will be released.

It is worth mentioning that the theme of Apple’s press conference is “One More Thing” (one more thing). This is also the classic quote of the former Apple CEO Jobs. 

Jobs likes to throw this sentence at the end of the conference, and then release the most exciting new product. According to statistics, the last time Apple used this phrase was when the iPhone X was released in 2017.

(Source: Social Media)

At the Developer Conference in June of this year, Apple has announced that the Mac product line will end the practice of using Intel CPUs in 2005 and switch to ARM chips designed by Apple. At that time, the company promised to launch this product within the year.

According to the previous financial report released by Apple, Mac sales reached 9 billion US dollars in the second quarter during the epidemic, a 28% year-on-year increase. 

But for the press conference next week, there are still different rumors about Apple’s first self-developed chip computer: There is news that the 12-inch modified MacBook will be the first computer with an Apple chip; there is also news that The 13-inch MacBook Pro and even the 24-inch iMac will assume the responsibility of launching Apple’s ARM chips.

Affected by market sentiment fluctuations, as of press time, Apple’s stock price fell from a rise of more than 1% after the opening to a drop of 0.86%.

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