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Another gloves factory in Malaysia has an epidemic. 427 people are infected with the novel coronavirus.

France's first serious case of COVID-19 infection is the first time. The patient is infected with a variant found in South Africa.

According to the Lianhe Zaobao, after Top Glove and Harta confirmed the confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Malaysia, Kossan, another glove company, also confirmed that the company has 427 employees.

According to a report by, the high-yielding products confirmed at the analyst’s report meeting on the 16th that the confirmed employees came from the factory on Meru, Kseng Middle Road, Shezhou.

The company’s management said that when the company tested six sites, one of them found confirmed cases and the other five did not have cases.

So far, the company has screened more than 7,000 employees, among which the K2 plant has been found. Of the 427 cases, 419 were foreign employees, and the remaining 8 were local employees.

The plant was closed for two weeks on December 4 and thoroughly disinfected, and the infected site and employees have been quarantined. The factory is expected to resume operation on December 20.

The company’s management pointed out that 1,667 employees have been scheduled for a second test on Wednesday and Thursday, and if all employees report negative, they will resume work.

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