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Another attack on a policewoman in France, the attacker was shot dead by police

Another attack on a policewoman in France, the attacker was shot dead by police

Paris, May 28 local time in France, the female police officer was attacked again. The policewoman was seriously injured in the attack, while the attacker was shot dead by the police.

The attack on the policewoman on the same day took place in the town of La Chappelle on the banks of the Edel River near Nantes, France. At about 10 am on the 28th, an attacker armed with a knife rushed into the police station and stabbed a policewoman. French Interior Minister Jean-Marc Dalmanen, visiting the scene of the incident, said the policewoman was seriously injured in the attack, but she is expected to survive.

Police said the attackers also stole the gun of the female policewoman and opened fire on the officers who rounded him up. Up to 250 police and gendarmes hunted down the attacker and a gun battle broke out. The attacker was eventually shot dead by police and two officers suffered minor injuries during the chase. The round-up lasted several hours and police asked residents to avoid the area and strictly follow police instructions.

Nantes district attorney held a press conference that night revealed that the attackers stabbed the policewoman, but also sneaked into a nearby apartment building kidnapped a woman for more than two hours. He said the attacker was in a stable state of mind at the time.

Dalmanen said France’s national anti-terrorism prosecutor has not yet stepped in to investigate, but he revealed that the attackers had a tendency to radicalize religion and had been diagnosed with severe schizophrenia. The attacker, 39, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for violent crimes, was released from prison in March. Public opinion considers his personal background to be complex.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is visiting South Africa, expressed his condolences for the policewoman who was attacked. French Prime Minister Caste thanked the police and gendarmes involved in the arrest of the attackers, saying that the French government and himself were firmly supportive of the attack on the policewoman.

There have been a series of recent attacks on police in France. On 23 April, a 49-year-old French policewoman, aged 37, from Tunisia, was killed by a knife-wielding attacker at a police station in Rambouillet, Evelyn province.

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