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An outbreak of more than 100 people in a Japanese pension agency has delayed publicity

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Kobe, Japan

May 7 According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun on the evening of the 6th, a collective infection occurred at a pension institution in Kobe City, Japan, and more than 100 people stayed at the institution were infected with the coronavirus, of whom more than 10 died. But the Kobe municipal government did not announce the news until the 6th.

Japanese media through interviews with the relevant people of the municipal government to learn about the collective infection. The first infected person at the institution appeared on 14 April.

Kobe sent health care physicians to help the agency advance its pandemic prevention measures and investigate the infection. Due to the surge in confirmed cases in Kobe, medical facilities have limited beds, and most patients remain in the care facility.

The city of Kobe has not announced the collective infection, saying: “The precise investigation of collective infection work to promote a late, will be announced in the near future.”

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