An Indian hospital was busy receiving the leader, causing the death of a patient on a stretcher outside the hospital

April 15 A coronavirus patient died outside a hospital in Bihar, India, on Wednesday, when the hospital was busy receiving the state’s health minister who had come to inspect the work.

The incident took place outside a hospital in Batna, Bihar state, which is also one of the largest public hospitals in the state capital, India Today reported Thursday. At the time of the incident, the state’s health minister, Mangal Pandey, was visiting the hospital to determine whether the hospital’s arrangements were suitable for treatment of patients with coronavirus.

According to the deceased’s son, Abimanu Kumar, his father tested positive for Covid-19 and had been ill for four days. “We went to another hospital first, but they said there were no beds to accommodate new patients, ” he says. Then we came to the hospital and stood outside for nearly two hours, asking the hospital staff to keep my father in the hospital. However, they did not admit him to hospital for treatment. Eventually, the patient died on a stretcher outside the hospital.

Indian media say there has been a sharp increase in coronavirus-confirmed cases in Bihar in recent days. Health Minister Mangel Pandey has said that “every death is sad.”