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An American man broke into a gun shop and opened fire. The clerk and customer shot back.

Two people have been killed and five injured in a shooting at a party bus in California

American gun buyers

A man broke into a gun shop and fired a gun in a shooting incident in the suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest city, on the 20th.

Shop assistants and passengers shot back.

In the end, three people, including the gunman, were killed and two injured.

The Associated Press reported that the gun shop consists of two parts, the first half is the storefront for selling guns and ammunition, and the second half is the shooting training ground.

After purchasing a gun, customers can go straight to the shooting range to practice.

Local police officer Joseph Lopinto said that at about 14:50 local time on the 20th, a man entered the gun shop and shot two people. Then he was shot back by many people.

It is tentatively speculated that the counter-strike included clerks and customers.

After a scuffle, the gunman and two men were killed, and two others were injured.

After being sent to the hospital, their condition was stable.

The police did not disclose the details of the identity of the dead and injured, and it is not clear about the gunman’s motive for the murder.

Lopinto said that the details of the case are under investigation.

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