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An 18-year-old african boy in United States was shot dead by the police, and his mother was shot again at the funeral.

An 18-year-old african boy in United States was shot dead by the police, and his mother was shot again at the funeral.

Cynther-Pierce and Angelo Crumbs

The HuffPost reported on the 30th that on Saturday, Florida local time, a 39-year-old mother, was accidentally shot at the funeral of her 18-year-old son Sincere Pierce. On November 16, her son was shot dead by the police on the spot on charges of “car theft”.

Mother, Quasheda Pierce, 39 years old

Authorities say a 16-year-old accidentally fired a shot at the funeral, and the bullet passed through his leg, hitting the deceased’s mother. At present, neither of them has their lives in danger. According to the report, due to the young age of the teenager, the authorities did not disclose his identity. Police said the findings of the shooting would be submitted to the state prosecutor’s office for review.

Florida Today reported that at least 50 people attended Pierce’s funeral at that time. He was one of two teenagers killed by the police in a recent conflict.

On November 16, Brevard County police shot and killed Pierce, 18, and Angelo Crooms, 16,. Two white police officers said they suspected that the two african teenagers were driving a stolen car, and the two teenagers ignored the police order to stop them.

CarLog showed that the two teenagers turned around in the driveway, and a police officer stood outside the police car and raised his gun and shouted at them to stop. The two teenagers stopped and retreated later, but then seemed to drive forward. When the car approached the police officer, there were several shots.

The police office claimed that the police officers involved shot to “self-defense”. The families of the two teenagers said that there was no reason for the police to use lethal force, because the bullet hit the side of the vehicle where the two teenagers were located.

Aunt Pierce’s lawyer Natalie Jackson said: “The investigation shows that the police officer was not in front of the car at that time, but on the side of the car. He [the officer] did not face deadly force, the car did not pose a threat to him…and the car the children drove was not stolen, but a relative loaned them, which was completely wrong.

Benjamin Crump, an American civil rights lawyer who has defended many victims of police violence, is also defending the families of victims. He said that the two teenagers tried to slowly leave the police for fear of drawing guns. The report said that after the police shot and killed two teenagers, protests were triggered there.

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