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American veterans died after being bitten by fire ants hundreds of times. Family sued the government.

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February 5th – The Daily Mail reported on the 5th that Joel Malable, a 74-year-old retired veteran in the United States, died in a long-term care institution for veterans in Atlanta, and his whole body was severely bitten by fire ants hundreds of times.

His family took the U.S. government, nursing institutions and a pest control company to court.

Malabour was reportedly bedridden for a long time due to cancer. He was bitten by a fire ant on February 2, 2019. After cleaning him up, caregivers moved him to another room.

But three days after he moved back to his room, he was bitten by another wave of fire ants, including his arm, leg and torso. The bite of the fire ant caused pain, discomfort and anxiety to Malabul. After being bitten by fire ants more than 100 times, Malabur died on September 7, 2019.

American Veteran Who Died After Being Bitten By Fire Ants (Twitter)

Malapur’s family subsequently filed a lawsuit, alleging that the staff was careless, failed to prevent fire ants from intrusion, removed food in

The ward that attracted insects, failed to foresee the risks and harm of fire ant bites to patients, and failed to provide “appropriate and adequate pest control services”, demanding that the U.S. government and pest control The company compensated 10 million US dollars each.

After Malapur’s death, the agency appointed a new supervisor, and all the personnel involved received retraining. VA officials decided to abandon the old facility and move all of the staff to another location.

The new director of the agency issued a statement determining that the building was no longer suitable for caring for inpatients.

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