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American soldier arrested in Japan for allegedly assaulting a driver and taking a taxi

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American soldier arrested in Japan

November 9th. According to Japanese media reports, on the 8th, the Okinawa Prefecture police arrested a US soldier stationed in Japan. 

Local police said the soldier was suspected of assaulting a taxi driver and snatching the taxi away.

According to reports, the suspect is a Marine Corps officer who is stationed in the Hansen Battalion of the US Army in Okinawa.

He is 20 years old, He once took a taxi at 10pm local time on the 7th. When the taxi was driving on the highway in Uruma City, the suspect suddenly strangled the taxi driver’s neck.

According to the report, when the taxi driver ran out of the car for help, the suspect drove away in the taxi.

There was still 10,000 yen in cash in the car. The police later found a crashed taxi a few kilometers away from the scene, and the suspect was sitting in the cab.

After investigation, the police learned that the suspect got on the bus in Chatan Town that night, had drunk before getting on the bus, and was in a drunk state.

Okinawa Prefecture only accounts for 0.6% of Japan’s land, but it bears more than 70% of the US military bases in Japan. 

Over the years, problems such as crimes, plane crashes, falling objects from heights, and noise of the

US military stationed in Japan have been repeatedly banned.

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