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American scientists: a city with a population of one million will be built on Mars 2100 years ago

American scientists: a city with a population of one million will be built on Mars 2100 years ago

On February 18, 2021, members of the U.S. Perseverance rover project follow the successful landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

February 21 According to a report by the Russian Sputnik News Agency on the 21st, Robert Zublin, president of the American Mars Society, a Mars research enthusiast and engineer, believes that by 2030, human beings will remain on Mars, and 2100 years ago, there will be a large city with a million people.

On 18th, the latest American Mars rover Perseverance launched from Earth in July 2020. Perseverance is the fifth Mars rover launched by NASA to the surface of Mars. Meanwhile, the Curiosity rover continues to work on Mars.

But at present, it is still a scientific fantasy for human beings to survive on Mars, which is too far away from the earth and there are many mysteries.

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX company and businessman, had previously announced the goal of starting manned flights to Mars by 2026. Zublin said that the plan will be adjusted, “most likely to wait until 2030.

In 2026 or 2028, he was probably able to transport Starships carrying cargo or robot missions to Mars and began to build bases automatically. Before we can transport people there, we need powerplants, systems that produce fuel from Mars oxygen and water.”

Zublin believes that Musk’s plan to send millions of Earth people to Mars by 2050 is “ambitious”. He said: “We can send 1,000 people to Mars before this time.

They will carry out industrial and agricultural production on Mars, so as to have the opportunity to support more people’s activities. The more people fly to Mars and are born on Mars, the faster we will expand. We will build a city by 2070 and develop it into a big city with a million people by 2,100 years ago.”

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