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American Media Want United States to learn from China but ..

American Media Want United States to learn from China

American Media Want United States to learn from China but .. Today (October 20), the US NBC News published an article titled “China has just become the world’s first country to experience economic growth after the Coronavirus.

What can United States learn from it?” According to the article, according to the forecast of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China will be the only country with economic growth among all major economies in the world in 2020.

and hopes that United States can learn from China’s experience in achieving this achievement.

But embarrassingly, this article was very awkward from the beginning…

Why are you awkward? First of all, this report first interviewed a scholar from the Peterson Institute for International Economics in United States, and this person said that he did not believe that China’s GDP in the third quarter could grow by 4.9%, thinking that this figure was “unreliable. letter”.

Strange? An article that wants the United States to learn from China, but first said that China’s data is not credible?

United States to learn from China

United States to learn from China But then, this article also stated that even if China’s official GDP data is doubtful, economists agree that China’s economy is recovering, and mentioned that the IMF believes that China’s economic growth rate in 2020 is 1.9%.

Which is a global level. The only major economy that can usher in growth this year. In this regard, another economist interviewed by NBC said that after the first wave of coronavirus has passed.

China can effectively take measures against the newly emerging clusters of cases to prevent them from worsening like those in Western countries. And the situation of the second epidemic is one of the main reasons for the positive growth of the Chinese economy in the third quarter.

But when it comes to this, NBC News also moved out the scholar who previously said that he did not believe in China’s GDP data, citing this person’s statement, saying that China can do this because

China is a “totalitarian country that “monitors the whole people”. “That’s why we can adopt large-scale lockdown measures, prohibit travel, and force the tracking of cases, which is not possible in “democratic” countries.

In other words, rather than learning from China, NBC here is more like discrediting and demonizing China’s institutions and institutions.

American Media Want United States to learn from China

After that, one of the strangest things in this article with the content “America can learn from China” appeared in the title: it suddenly declared that the United States could learn from

Taiwan Province of China and New Zealand, and called these two “democratic” proof of places. To prevent the epidemic, there is no need for an “authoritarian” system.

So what kind of garlic does your NBC still put in the title, and what do you say about learning from mainland China? You might as well just say that you want the United States

A country with a population of more than 300 million, the second largest territory in the world, and a country with more than 8 million new crown cases, to learn from those two small places? Why use China as a target when so wronged?

However, this report by NBC is not the only one who saw such awkward grievances and even depression and mania after the success of the Chinese defense epidemic. 

United States learn from China

United States learn from China The British BBC’s China correspondent John Sudworth-the one who used to discredit our Guizhou in China to fight crime and the Sky Eye system and wash the ground for the British prostitution agent Zheng Wenjie-also today’s article on “Who does China hope to win?”

In the article on the US Presidential Election, China’s success in epidemic prevention was spitting acid water. It doesn’t matter whether Trump or Biden wins for China, because China values ​​the exposure of the US political system in the epidemic. Out of incompetence.

But the funny thing is that this BBC reporter did not deeply reflect on the problems of the American system. Instead, he naively blamed Trump on all the problems of the American epidemic prevention, and he also very “littlely” declared even The United States is ugly under Trump’s rule.

The US system is still superior to China. For example, there are still many Chinese students studying in the United States.

He even quoted a Chinese student saying that the air in the United States is sweeter, universities encourage thinking, and China will only teach you right and wrong.

BBC reporter also moved New Zealand

What’s even more funny is that this BBC reporter also moved New Zealand out, and also wanted to use the epidemic prevention work of this small country to secretly exchange concepts and cover up the so-called “democratic system” problems exposed by the United States.

But logically speaking, in the so-called “Western democracy” regime, the most suitable to be compared with the

United States, isn’t it India, which has the same population and l

and area and the second largest number of infected people in the world? 

Why does the BBC, which likes to brag about India’s “democracy”, suddenly forgets the existence of India?

Compared with the hysteria and incompetent rage of the BBC reporter in China, the

Washington Post of the United States said in a commentary yesterday: The reason why

China has done a good job of epidemic prevention is because China respects science.

Regrettably, this article in the “Washington Post” also blamed Trump on the United States’ epidemic

prevention problems, saying that Trump does not respect science. 

But anyone who knows the actual problems in the United States understands that Trump is far from being a person who disrespects science.

The United States is now so badly in response to the

epidemic that it is not a problem for Trump alone.

Those conservatives who protested the blockade were elected to the

White House-and no matter how the mainstream American media devalued these people as

low-educated people”, there are no shortage

“low-educated people”, there are no shortage of them who graduated from the United States who “encourage thinking” and “do not tell right or wrong” Top students from prestigious schools, such as Trump’s White House spokesperson McNerney,

are graduates of Harvard University.

Therefore, this is the question that the so-called “democratic” system of the United States and the West needs to reflect most in this

epidemic: Why this system has not allowed these Trump supporters to make these conservatives in

United States and the Western world become More scientific and rational, but make them more arrogant, stubborn and self-righteous?

Otherwise, while fooling the Chinese saying that the American and Western systems are

“still excellent” and “encourage thinking”, they also pressure the large

American and Western social networking platforms to block Trump supporters and who account for at least 40% of American society. It is difficult for conservatives to “justify themselves” with such contradictory operations

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