American doctors use their own experience to appeal to the public to be alert to pandemic

CNN recently interviewed David Burcard, an emergency doctor at a Michigan hospital. Burcard has seen many COVID-19 patients die and have also contracted the novel coronavirus. Burcard hopes to warn people to pay attention to the COVID-19 pandemic through his own experience.

David Burkad, an emergency doctor at 28, is in good health and maintains the habit of exercising five days a week. He once thought he wouldn’t be anything big, even if he had COVID-19; but when he really contracted COVID-19, he found that it was not the case.

Emergency doctor David Burkad: On the sixth day of infection, I got up and wanted to make sandwiches. I wanted to walk around the house, but I found that I couldn’t breathe at all.

David Burkad was admitted to his hospital because of his serious illness. Although he has recovered now, even a simple walk can make him breathless. Birkad said he was lucky because in the emergency department, he saw many patients with COVID-19 who eventually failed to leave the hospital.

Emergency doctor David Burkad: I think the most difficult part is that I have seen life and death. I have had such a conversation with patients and told patients that it is time for you to call your wife, we are going to give you a ventilator, and it is time to say goodbye to your family.

This kind of conversation with patients has been talked to by Burkad many times, but many Americans still don’t pay attention to COVID-19. Berkad also called for protection measures for everyone.

Emergency doctor David Burkad: To prevent hearing such farewell conversations, you should wear masks and you should not gather on holidays.